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There’s something about marriage that leaves you with nostalgia for what once was. Never have I pondered my past this much. My husband and I were married in November 2011. We took our honeymoon over Thanksgiving and returned just in time to enter into the Christmas season. Almost immediately, we had to confront the age-old battle of white lights vs. colored lights. (I’ll leave it a mystery as to who is on what side but will tell you that white lights represent class, distinction, whimsy,  style and the very heart of Christmas.) While the battle of the lights remains unresolved, we are constantly finding new things to battle about. Both of us find ourselves reaching back in time, grabbing on to the things of our youth and holding on to them as if our lives depended on them.

Join me as I post about our journey as we recapture our past.

Honeymooners in Vermont