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Tuesday is date night. At the beginning of our dating relationship, we made the decision to reserve one night a week for just the two of us; this also freed us up to do what we wanted the rest of the week. More often than not we saw each other more than once a week. But reserving this day allowed us to keep our friends and family as priorities. In marriage, we have kept our date night. While we don’t always go out, we always get to spend the evening together. We even have a rule: if you have to reschedule, then date night takes up two nights instead of just one.

Tonight I was thinking about my first ever date. I could not remember when it was, where it was or even who it was with. Then it occurred to me. I don’t think I ever went on an actual date in high school. To dances we always seemed to go in a group. I never actually went anywhere with the boy I “dated” for a hot minute. Maybe I was just a late bloomer?

However, college was really no better. On a date with a very nice guy, I had a bout of feminism and cut in front of him so that I could pay for both of us. I dated a guy one summer by accident. The only reason I was able to end it was because I left the country. “Oh, I couldn’t return your phone calls. I was gone for two months and I just don’t get signal in Europe.”

Really, it’s surprising that my husband and I ever started dating. Neither of us really have any game. As an old friend used to say, “Rebecca, you have negative game.” I’ve started to think that the reason I have negative game is because I’m just too awkward. I can’t stop talking when a topic has obviously been exhausted and I start to take on weird twitchy mannerisms.

So, I have to say that in terms of recapturing romantic dates or escapades from my past there really are none I want to go back to. In fact, most of them just leave me in hysterics. And that’s the part I want to keep hold of. I always want to laugh. On tonight’s date there was enough comedy to keep me chuckling several weeks. I spilled my drink all over my husband in the movie theater. He actually had to get up and move away from me so that he was not sitting in a puddle. I fell multiple times while walking back to the car. I insisted that I knew which direction I was going even though I clearly did not.

My husband is often concerned that he’s not romantic enough. I just feel that if we can keep making each other laugh then there’s really nothing better.