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Soap is kind of a weird thing.

My husband does not understand my need for decorative soap. He thinks it’s ridiculous that we have soap that should not be used. This came to light within the first month of our marriage because, as a wedding gift, one of his cousins gave us this decorative soap

Fancy Schmancy Christmas Soap

I was excited by the soap for two reasons. One, it was one of the first Christmas decorations we received. Two, it was fancy soap, and I love fancy soap. However, no sooner had I put it out than it became a round blob of nothingness. My husband and his brother both destroyed it. I shed a single tear and moved on acknowledging that it merely soap. Really, the soap was just a way for me to make our bathroom into the bathrooms that I remember as a little girl.

You see, I love bathrooms. My family can attest to the fact that as a little girl (or a much older girl) I loved to go into people’s bathrooms and look through the cupboards. (Side note: Once, when trying to do pull-ups on a towel rail in my great aunties’ bathroom, I ripped the rail right off the wall.) What I really loved about all of these bathrooms were all the lotions and potions and, of course, soaps. My husband and I only have one bathroom so I have to make sure that it both accommodates our needs and the needs of our guests. I realize it is hard to have things set out for guests all the time. So, I have essentially created a basket for guests that I can easily pull out and dust off. We do have a lot of soap, but the thing is that almost all of it belongs to my husband. You see he has own history with soap.

His mother is a dermatologist and she would always bring home sample sizes of all different types of soap. With 6 people (plus grandparents on and off) living in one house, this was a great way to save money. Zoli hated it. The soap was miniature to begin with so with each use it became smaller and smaller. In a rebellious act against this, my husband now buys bars of soap and discards them after only a few uses.

Acceptable Soap

Rejected Soap

I accept this, but what really baffles my mind is that my husband, who has loudly protested my fancy schmancy soap, has his own version of decorative soap. Z was given this beer soap as a Christmas gift.

Beer Soap

It occupies it’s own special place in the bathroom and I dare not touch it. Then, there is his giant soap.

Giant Soap

I was actually told that I may never touch this (nope, that is not my hand) soap. He loves this soap because it so huge. In fact, he loves it so much that he does not even use it.

I think one of the things I am most enjoying about marriage is discovering that my husband is just as crazy as I am. His quirks are just as quirky and his need to cling on to things from the past is just as strong. While soap is a silly thing – after all why don’t we just get one large bottle of shower gel – it is evidence to me that our marriage is never going to be dull.