Every evening when my husband walks in the door from work, I have the urge to say, “What special treat did you bring me?” – similarly, growing up I asked my parents the same question. I would clarify that I did this growing up, but that’s simply not true. I still to this day think that I will get a special treat every time my parents go to a store. The treat is really just anything that my parents saw (a magazine, a card, an Archie comic, nail polish, flowers, a stick of gum, a teacup) that reminded them of me. Some would say I’m spoiled.

I do the same for my parents. I love to shop for them and collect items to send to Scotland. (I often forget where I have stashed these items, but one day I will open a bag and find Christmas ornaments, lotions, potions, and chocolate.) My mom and I both love to give and receive lots of little presents – basically stocking stuffers all year round.

In my husband’s family, they have a slightly different approach. There are shelves right next to the front door and each shelf has items for each of the children. These items range from cat toys to magazines and from tea to gummies. My husband also gets baked goods once a week. Some would say my husband is spoiled.

I don’t say, “What special treat did you bring me?” to my husband each night for the simple reason that I know I will come off as spoiled. In reality, I don’t need a special treat and my husband and I definitely don’t need more “stuff”. However, the little girl inside of me longs to run to the door, throw it open and say, “For me?!”