I’ve been thinking about dessert a lot lately. It all started with Kalsoom’s bachelorette party last weekend. I decided it was an excellent idea to handcraft chocolate cups and chocolate hearts for the occasion. This resulted in many tears of frustration and many broken hearts – literally. By the end, I had chocolate covered arms and a chocolate covered kitchen. It was not a very calm process.

This weekend Z and I are hosting a dinner party for his brother’s 30th birthday. In an attempt to accommodate many different dessert requests, I decided to do a variety of mini sweets. As a result, I have committed far too many hours over the last week to thinking about dessert. I finally settled on making mini trifles, mini bread puddings and smore morsels. I really do think teeny, tiny desserts are brilliant. It takes away the guilt of an entire dessert and it’s also incredibly cute. All the time spent thinking about tiny desserts, reminded me of a memory with Sarah. (Sarah also likes teeny, tiny things.)

Seasons 52, a restaurant chain out of Florida, prides itself on its award winning “mini indulgences”. Your waiter will even tell you that the concept of small desserts originated at Seasons 52, while their website makes the claim that they are “the pioneer, originator and founder of the mini indulgence.” Because I have not researched this topic extensively, I cannot argue with them. However, I do doubt that they were the first people to ever think of mini desserts. I’m pretty certain that my mom used to create layered desserts in glasses. But I digress…

Shortly after Seasons 52 opened at Tyson’s Corner Mall, Sarah, our other roommate Joy and I all went. Our entire reason for going was the promise of a piano bar (note: do not go for the piano bar). Despite the extremely disappointing piano bar, we did get very excited about the drinks and the food. Anytime you tell a table of girls that everything on the menu is under 475 calories, there is sure to be great enthusiasm. At the conclusion of our meal, the waitress brought around the tray of mini indulgences.

Seasons 52 : Fresh

They were cute and low in calories. We were pretty enthusiastic, but not nearly as enthusiastic as our waitress. She whipped out her mini flashlight and spotlighted each dessert as she described them in detail. The laughter was out of my mouth before I knew it. The waitress looked both alarmed and offended. I tried to suck the laughter back in but the damage was done. The absurdity of using a small flashlight to highlight desserts was just too much for me. There was no warning as she confidently whipped out the light, clicked it on and deftly maneuvered it around the tray. (I have since observed that every member of the Seasons 52 wait staff carries around a mini flashlight ready to whip it out and give the mini desserts their moment.)

On Saturday, in a dramatic presentation, I plan to wield my crème brûlée torch. Have no fear! My husband has strategically placed fire extinguishers throughout our house. But I will not be outdone. My desserts will also have their moment in the sun.