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In high school, when I would return home after a late night out with friends, I would open the front door ever so quietly to find my father sitting in a solitary chair in the middle of the foyer waiting for me. I always knew he would be there and even though there was a chance I would get in trouble for being late, it was always comforting to find him there, for I knew he was watching out for me. If ever anything went wrong, I knew that both my parents were keeping vigil. I felt like a little girl who always knew her Mummy and Daddy were there.

With my parents

With my parents as a little girl

I’ve never felt comforted when someone has uttered the phrase, “Dance like no one’s watching.” I’ve always wondered why no one is watching. If I saw a person dancing like a crazy person, I would watch. Maybe I would join in, maybe I wouldn’t, but I would definitely watch.

Our living room has a huge window in it and our couch is positioned so that I can see most of what is going on in the streets below. I watch. I watch the garbage collectors, the crossing guards, the parents walking their children to school, and people walking their dogs. I watch for the mailman, the UPS man or the FedEx man. Please understand. I am no stalker nor am I a creeper. Rather, I like to watch the day unfold and to see all the different players in it. There are many days when I don’t make it to my perch near the window. However, at 4:30 p.m., no matter what I’m doing, I start to cast longs stares out the window. I begin to watch for my husband waiting with anticipation for him to come home from work, ready to greet him and hear about his day. (At this moment, you should be hearing The Police playing in the background.)

Over the weekend, my husband and I ventured out in a rowboat to do some fishing. On our way back to shore, I rowed, and as you may know, to row effectively, you face away from the direction you are headed. Blind to where I was going and to what was behind me, my husband had to keep watch for me, guiding me and directing me to shore.

As cheesy as it is, I like the fact that we are watching out for each other. I think we make quite the formidable team.

skeptical husband

Watching each other a little too closely