My husband and I are quite different. We certainly complement each other in many ways but there are other areas in which we struggle to understand the other’s point of view. My love for mussels and oysters disgusts him while his love for Spam and Salisbury steak brings me to tears. My desire to walk everywhere frustrates him because we would definitely get there faster if we took a car. Probably the area in which we differ the most is in our choice of reading material.

It was a beautiful early Fall evening and my husband and I sat on our deck grilling food and sipping wine. After discussing our days, the conversation turned to books. We went back and forth making a mental list of the books or stories we want our future, unborn children to read – assuming we are blessed with children. As we made our list, our tastes in differing subjects became clearer and clearer.

Generally, I read fiction. As a little girl, my parents would read to me or tell stories each night. Most of the stories I want my own children to read are those same books – The Magic Faraway Tree, Beatrix Potter’s books, Black Beauty, and on and on. In a very strange turn of events, I began reading the CIA Factbook and the Almanac when I was in Middle School. I love reading about cultures and religions, and these are two of the best sources to gain such knowledge. Additionally, I have a growing fondness for memoirs and biographies.

On the other hand, my husband reads nonfiction almost exclusively. Generally, they are books about war, aviation or computers. His list for our unborn children included books along this theme. However, as we continued to list books, we realized there was some common ground. So, below is the list of books we both love and want to pass on to our children.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Hobbit
Watership Down
Richard Scarry’s Books
The Scrooge McDuck Comic Book Series