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I can be a snob. I try to rein it in and not let it show, but sometimes it oozes out of me. Most of my snobbery is utter silliness. On more than one occasion I have been known to stand outside an objectionable store rather than go in it (silliness). I have rejected any red wine below 13.5% with no reason other than my mother told me to (silliness – but mothers do know best). I have removed tags from clothing of brands I don’t like (silliness – so many people look at the tags on my clothes). But, the place I believe my snobbery is most justified is with regard to food. I want to make everything that I serve in my home and I want to make it with the best ingredients available. This, of course, is not always possible. And since I am no gourmet cook, there are often poor results in the kitchen. While others may think this is ridiculous, I have accepted it and embraced it with the knowledge that while I am no gourmet, I am indeed a gourmand. For me, food brings great pleasure.

For a few months now, my husband has been asking me to make one of his favorite dishes. I have done my best to put it off, but I no longer can. Today, I succumbed. I “made” my husband green bean casserole.

To add insult to injury, I also “made” him Kraft macaroni and cheese with fried SPAM (my lip involuntarily curled upward and my nostrils flared as I wrote that last part).

I do it all for love.