These are exciting times…

Firstly, my parents arrive in just a few hours. I have not seen them since February, so the I’m bursting at the seams. As a result, I am bustling about the house and creating a flurry of energy. The animals are mimicking my behavior by acting insane and chasing me from room to room. Well, the cats really don’t pay any attention to me, but they do watch the dog with great entertainment.

Then, in just one very short day, the wedding celebrations for one of my very best friends begin. There is also a flurry of excitement around that as we learn dances, see old friends and primp for all the different occasions. There is little that is more special than a friend’s wedding (especially when you also like the guy she’s marrying :).

Yesterday, one of my best friends from high school arrived for said wedding. I had not seen him in for almost two years. We made a couple pit stops so that he could set foot in his old stomping ground of McLean. But the thing he got most excited about were the trees on GW Parkway. He even commanded me to pull over at one point so he could get out and switch seats with the bride who was sitting in the front. For those who may never have never driven on the GW Parkway, there is no shoulder, no sidewalk. Just traffic or the Potomac.

In just nine days, my husband and I head to Charleston to visit old friends and to eat barbecue and drink sweet tea. Of all of the things above, I think my husband is most excited about this one. By the time we get back from Charleston, we’ll be in full Thanksgiving mode and my parents will still be here with us!

So, on this day when there is so much to prepare for, I’ve ruined my iPhone by washing it in the washing machine, the vacuum cleaner doesn’t want to work, and the woodpecker pecking away at our house is no longer scared of me.

I feel like my five-year-old self on Christmas morning. I’m so excited I can hardly eat, sleep or drink. There is too much fun to be done!