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On Wednesday, I wrote a muddled post about my excitement this week. The excitement continues but I have a new perspective on this emotion.

Last night, around 300 of us gathered to celebrate the Mehndi/Henna Celebration for Kalsoom’s wedding. There were reunions for all different groups of people. Kalsoom and her fiancé Jay welcomed family members, friends from childhood, from high school, from college, from graduate school, from trips, from work, and from life in and around DC. For the first time ever, most of the people they love in the world are in the same place at the same time. What a great reason to be excited and to celebrate!

While Kalsoom’s excitement was more than contagious, I was reunited with another friend last night who said something that really stuck with me. I had not seen Farah since we graduated from high school in Islamabad more than twelve years ago. She mentioned how it’s hard to explain to an outsider how significant it is for any of us from our high school to reunite. It doesn’t matter how close you were then or how in touch you are, but the shared experiences of living in Islamabad and attending the International School of Islamabad are enough to bond you for a lifetime.

Another friend, Asif, commented that all of us who were there from our high school looked relatively the same. There’s something comforting in the knowledge that I could have recognized any of these old friends if I had seen them on the street.

The excitement continues as we celebrate Kalsoom and Jay’s marriage and wedding reception tomorrow. It’s going to be LEGEND…Wait for it…