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Yesterday marked my first year wedding anniversary with my husband. I can’t quite believe it’s gone by so quickly and yet so much has happened. While there have been many wonderful and many hard things about this first year of marriage, my husband and I both agree that the very best part has been adding our dog to our family. Therefore, it only seemed fitting that she should accompany us to the beach this weekend.

Her face pretty much says it all – she was completely unamused as we trekked her up and down the beach against her will.

Our love for our dog is rather intense. My husband will happily whip out his phone and show pictures to anyway who so much as smiles at us. Working from home, our little pup is by my side almost all the time. All of my thinking about my dog this week had me thinking about these three books:

Harry the Dirty Dog, Gene Zion
The WatchersDean Koontz (truthfully, this one is too scary for me)
Greyfriars Bobby, Eleanor Atkinson

And this video

We’re so thankful for our little bug and for the joy she’s brought us this first year of marriage. We worked with great people at Washington Animal Rescue League to get the perfect dog for us.