When I was about four years-old, I swung so enthusiastically that I knocked my head on the chain bars of the swing and cut my head open. I love swings. Several years ago when I was a teacher, I was given a second-hand porch swing. The swing came with no chain, no hooks; in other words, it was just a bench. I took it and hoarded it away in my storage closet with the hope that one day I would not only have a chain and hooks but an actual porch.

When I got married and moved my belongings from my apartment to my husband’s house, he came across the porch swing. There was a battle of swings as he pointed out how absurd it was that I had literally kept a bench with no legs. He was right, of course, but I so wanted to recapture those summers long ago when I swung on my Grandma’s porch in Louisiana.

The swing is gone but the dream lives on. I love the past and constantly am trying to figure out how it impacts my future.


I live in Kensington, Maryland with my husband, his two cats, and my rescue bichon frisé. I was born in Virginia to a Scottish mother and a Louisianian father. I grew up in Pakistan, Scotland, Texas and Virginia. I’m not always quite sure where home is but I do know that my life is with my husband. I have the privilege to write about what I know and love.

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